21 Birthday Cake Vanilla

birthdays are special and memorable moments. and there must be a celebration. to celebrate must always be accompanied by a birthday cake. The sweetness, softness, and good taste of a birthday cake do tempt anyone who sees it. This simple cake is indeed an easy-to-process cake at home. Because the ingredients used are simple and not too many kinds. However, there is a new variant for this birthday cake. So that the tart doesn’t look monotonous and more attractive, combined with the vanilla flavor that tempts our tongue to taste it immediately. This birthday cake is relatively easy, inexpensive, and simple considering we don’t have to have an oven to make it. Like steaming potatoes, we only need to steam the tart in a steamed pan or electric rice cooker. The results of the tart made by steaming are not much different from the oven. The texture is very soft, moist and does not make it drag in the throat. Guaranteed family at home certainly can not distinguish our homemade tart with store-made.
below I say a few examples of variants of vanilla birthday cakes. hopefully it can be inspired.

vanilla birthday cake images