24 Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

When the birthday moment, it feels less festive if without cakes. Either only waxy cupcakes, or tarts that can be eaten in a roll. Now, many stores are specialized in selling birthday cakes of various types, sizes and decorations. But, there’s no harm in making your own birthday cake to make it more memorable. By making your own cake you can make yourself free to decorate your birthday cake.
Before you start decorating cakes, you have to choose the right cake. Choosing sponge cake is highly recommended because this cake is softer and lighter so. So, if it is coated with cake decorations that tend to be sweet, the ones that eat are not fast or easy. When you want to decorate a cake, don’t forget the cake is cooled, by putting it in the refrigerator for about two hours or putting it in the room until the steam is gone. If the cake is still hot, the cake decoration material may melt.
Now many variants are used to decorate cakes. There is buttercream, fondant and icing. Choose how to decorate the cake to your liking.
below I give examples of interesting birthday cake decorations.

how to decorate a birthday cake