80 Luscious Layer Cakes Perfect for Any Occasion

If there’s anything we love around here more than cake, we can’t think what it is, unless, of course, it’s a layer cake. Think about it: layers of cake, layers of filling or icing, and that satisfying moment when you cut into something impressive like our Strawberry Dream Cake. While we have a tendency to love our pound cakes and our low cakes, there’s simply one thing a couple of cake.

Sometimes, you don’t want a cake for an event, a cake is an event. We tend to err on the aspect of additional cake, instead of less. From luscious lemon layers to jam cakes to caramel cake recipes so rich you’ll need a nap after, we’ve collected some of our best and most impressive layer cake recipes here. You’ll realize the legendary apodiform bird Cake, the iconic Lane Cake, and more unexpected surprises, like the bright and fruity triple decker strawberry cake recipe that just begged to be included.

From prepping your cake pans to applying icing, I’ll show you everything you need to know to build a beautiful layer cake!

Let me confess that I haven’t always known what I was doing, or even what I was supposed to be doing when it came to making a layer cake. Oh no, I’ve had my fair proportion of cake disasters! I’ve learned through lots of practice and tips I’ve picked up from other bakers and bloggers. All of it paid off and I feel like I can safely say that I know how to build a layer cake.