Best Of Nine Paleo Diet Salad Dressing Recipes

I have 9 of the best ever Paleo salad dressing recipes. Now you can have all the salad you want with these homemade Paleo salad dressing recipes. We all know that a salad is allowed on the Paleo diet – tons of vegetables, of course. I had somewhat of a harder time finding a lot of salad dressing recipes that would qualify for a Paleo diet. I researched very carefully and came up with these Paleo salad dressing recipes.

I wanted to make sure that red wine vinegar is allowed on the Paleo diet and found that it is. I also found an easy recipe for homemade red wine vinegar that you might find interesting.

You might want to try making on your own. I also learned a lot about balsamic vinegar at Mark’s Daily Apple. Incidentally, I found Mark’s Daily Apple to be very informative and interesting if you ever have questions about whether or not an ingredient is Paleo diet friendly. Of course, Mark’s Daily Apple isn’t an official authority on the subject, but I thought there was a lot of interesting information there.

Some of the recipes call for mayonnaise. It is easy to make homemade mayonnaise which will make the Paleo diet list. I have my own homemade mayo recipe below.

I really enjoy and look forward to late summer when all the vegetables in my garden are ready to eat. If you don’t already, you should consider growing a garden, however large or small. Small planter boxes are a lot of fun and don’t take much space. You can put it on a deck, and you can plant a salad garden which includes all the ingredients for a great salad.

It is a lot of fun to watch plants grow – truly a miracle to watch. The vegetables are so fresh and much healthier for us and you can also save a lot of money. I really enjoy getting my hands in the dirt. It’s good therapy and a great stress reliever. My favorites to grow in my garden are cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, swiss chard, beets, lettuce, zucchini, crookneck squash and all other kinds of squash. Right now the cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots are ready to eat! So, there ya go – I have great ingredients for a delicious fresh salad.

1. Italian Dressing – Cook Eat Paleo

Parsley – Oregano – Garlic – Real Salt – Black Pepper – Red Wine Vinegar – Olive Oil

This is pretty easy to make. Just put a few ingredients in a bottle and shake it up. They like to use a mason jar. You can also put everything in a mixing bowl and whisk it up and then pour it in a jar. Just more dishes. I’m thinking one of those bottles I have with the little round wire things inside that are used to mix drinks etc. That would work great and with such a tight-fitting lid I could just keep it stored in there too. You can make it the way you like it too. You can add more garlic or more vinegar to make it perfect for your taste.

2. Lemon Honey Salad Dressing – Marla Meridith

Olive Oil – Lemon Juice – Honey – Real Salt – Black Pepper

This is the perfect balance of flavors. It has savory and sweet combined. Honey and citrus are meant to be married. You can easily shake them up with the pepper, salt, and olive oil. The results are a light dressing for your dinner salad or anything else you’d like to use it on.

3. Basic Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing – Yurielkaim

Apple Cider Vinegar  – Olive Oil – Maple Syrup – Garlic – Real Salt – Black Pepper

This is a very basic simple apple cider vinegar dressing. It is amazing on a salad. There are 5 variations included. The variations are Garden Herb, French, raspberry, sesame ginger, coconut ranch, and raspberry blush. I think you’ll want to try them all. They all start out with this basic recipe. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and it’s so easy to incorporate it into your daily diet this way.

4. Ranch Dressing – Real Food with Jessica

Homemade Mayonnaise – Coconut Cream – Garlic Powder – Onion Powder –  Parsley Flakes – Real Salt – Black Pepper

It’s hard to find a good Paleo ranch dressing. But I did it. It’s fresh, creamy, thick and delicious. It comes together quickly and made with real ingredients. You won’t miss that stuff they sell in stores at all. You’ll wonder what you ever liked about it. It’s made with ingredients you might already have on hand. It’s best to use a whisk to get all the little lumps out. It only takes a minute to get it nice and smooth.

5. Fresh Tomato Vinaigrette – Laughing Spatula

Tomato – Olive Oil – Apple Cider Vinegar – Garlic – Oregano – Real Salt – Black Pepper

If you’re looking for something different to give some variety to your salads you’ll want to try this dressing. You just throw all the ingredients into whatever you have available and mix it up. You can use a food processor, blender, an immersion blender or even a mason jar. Have fun making this and enjoy it.

6. Easy Chipotle Balsamic Vinaigrette – Cook Eat Paleo

Balsamic Vinegar – Garlic Infused Olive Oil – Olive Oil – Chipotle Chili Flakes – Honey – Real Salt – Black Pepper

This dressing has a little smokey flavor plus some heat because of the chipotle flakes. It also has a little bit of sweetness because of the honey. There is a hint of garlic flavor because of the garlic infused olive oil and you don’t even have to chop and peel garlic cloves. That alone saves a lot of time and trouble. I hate peeling garlic. My hands seriously smell for days. The secret is to use a really good quality balsamic vinegar. I have a link to a really good one above.

7. Creamy Habanero Dressing – The Healthy Family and Home

Cashews – Lemon Juice – Habanero Peppers – Pink Himalayan Salt

This looks like a nice cool dressing for a hot summer day, right? Don’t let it fool ya. It’s a pretty hot one. If you like heat you’ll love it. If you don’t like hot food, stay away from it. You can use this dressing one a lot of different foods. It’s good on steamed broccoli, kale salad, mixed with quinoa, on kale chips or as a dip for veggies. It can be made in 5 minutes with a Vitamix. That’s 1 minute per ingredient:)

8. Blueberry Vinaigrette – A Healthy Life For Me

Blueberries  – Lemon Juice – Honey – Olive Oil – Real Salt

Vinaigrette dressings are so good for you. There are a lot of different kinds too. This is a blueberry vinaigrette dressing. I love the color, isn’t it pretty? It’s really good on most salads. It’s good on other things too. Use your imagination and see how many different ways you can find to use it. It’s loaded with antioxidants so load up on it.

9. Basil Vinaigrette – Two Peas and Their Pod

Fresh Basil – Garlic – Shallot – Lemon Juice – White Balsamic Vinegar – Real Salt – Olive Oil – Black Pepper

And here we have a yummy basil vinaigrette. It is a really good salad dressing but like a lot of the other recipes here it’s also good as a sauce on fish, chicken, pasta or vegetables. It’s good on just about anything. It will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. It reminds me of my chimichurri sauce but it’s too thick for dressing. I can’t wait to try this. I can’t live without my chimichurri sauce.

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