21 Ice Cream Cake Baskin Robin

For you cake lovers, then you should try Baskin Robbins. This cake is different from the others because it combines ice cream and one inch thick brownies below it.
This Baskin Robbin cake is delicious and nutritious. Because this cake is made of ice cream where the ingredients are imported from Canada. So that it tastes delicious and is different from the others.

Yesterday I bought Baskin’s ice cream cake for a girlfriend’s birthday. Confused between the mini heart and the blackforest. When it comes to the obvious taste, you need the blackforest because it contains chocolate ice cream chips. Meanwhile, the mini heart contains ice cream verry berries. The form is also more “wow” the blackforest anyway. But for girlfriends, want a cake that is romantic and rarely exists. Yes, choose the mini heart as a symbol of love. Hihi.
For the cake, all of them use brownie dough. But I don’t feel the brownies if I say. Lol. But overall it feels yummy. Moreover, the mini heart is decorated with brown heart pink, which is truly a bangett. Like it.
The waiter is okay. The product knowledge is okay. But preparing this ice cake is really long. Starting from breaking up dry ice to cardboard solutions here and there. Huahh. Original. Somewhat I’m waiting for it. Maybe Baskin’s management can improve the ice cake packaging. The problem is the cardboard that is given is really big and really wide. Ribet bring it. I was happy because I was given a 1-box candle. You can also choose ordinary or magic. If you buy cakes in other places, you will at least give 3 candles. Hhe. But not given a knife. Maybe the suggestion would be to provide the knife
 The best taste for Ice Cream cake in the town. This ice cream is really second to none. Price guarantees taste. Try something like the usual favorite Vanillaaaa … Really feel and don’t like ordinary ice cream … The mint is good, there’s also a piece of chocolate. But it doesn’t quite like the feeling of bubblegum … It’s not too good … The whole thing is really bad, you have to take it home one box.