Paleo Diet is,The Ancient Human Diet

usually to lose weight or want to get the ideal body weight, we often do the name of the diet. Well, the diet turned out to be very kind. Starting from the OCD diet to what is called diet mayo. This time, Loop wants to tell you about a new type of diet that you can apply to your diet program. The diet is called the Paleo diet.

Paleo diet is a diet that regulates our diet following the diet of our ancestors. This paleo diet uses principles that existed in ancient times that were used with ancestors in the stone age. Oops. Yes, so you will eat foods that are actually healthy, free of preservatives. And, you can’t eat all kinds of foods like rice, sticky rice, or potatoes. Yep, in the past where did you eat rice? Do you eat meat and vegetables often, Loopers?

The nice thing about the paleo diet is that this diet is not a diet that doesn’t eat that way. You keep eating, only you have to pay attention to what foods you can eat when applying this Paleo diet, Loopers. As Loop already told you if you can’t eat foods like rice or other carbohydrate-rich foods.

You can only eat the following foods:

You can eat beef, chicken, duck meat, pork, mutton, or fish such as catfish, shrimp and squid. Eggs are good too, Loopers. Uh, but if you eat meat, don’t eat it.

You can still eat fruit. But not too much, because the fruit contains sugar. But it’s more important to consume vegetables.

Use vegetable oils such as real coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil to be consumed or made as frying oil.

If you want to eat sweet foods, you can eat dates, honey, or palm sugar. Hehe.

 Benefits of the Paleo diet

Not tortured

If a diet usually makes you tormented because you can’t eat a lot, it’s different with this diet. This paleo diet doesn’t limit you eating. You can eat foods that are allowed in large quantities. That’s because the food you consume is healthy foods like lean meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

Prevent the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

By applying a paleo diet, you avoid the risk of heart disease and diabetes, you know, Loopers. The problem is you don’t eat foods that contain high sugar and salt.

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