Paleo Diet Menu Like Ancient Human

Modeling on the human diet of the paleolithic era which is minimal obesity.

Have you ever seen an ancient human figure with a body full of fat? Certainly not. In addition to the pattern of living hunting and gathering, their body shape is largely determined by diet. At present, processed foods and sugar dependence that cannot be separated from the diet of modern humans make the body vulnerable to fat deposits.

This phenomenon led to the Paleo diet program, which is a diet that recommends eating natural foods, such as during the paleolithic era or better known as the stone age. The practice is to replace refined carbohydrates and sugar with lots of fresh vegetables, healthy fats and animal protein so that it helps you to build muscle and lose weight.


2 boiled eggs

Eggs contain enough protein and amino acids for body muscle formation.

Lunch menu:

Mandarin & Sesame Chicken (for 2 servings)

Material: 4 tablespoons sesame oil | 1 mandarin orange, take the juice | 1 garlic clove, crush it | 1 red chili, remove the seeds then chop finely | 2 teaspoons of grated ginger | 2 skinless chicken breast | 150 gr spinach baby | a handful of basil and coriander leaves | ½ red onion, chopped | 5 almonds, chopped | 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds | mandarin pieces for decoration

How to make:

  • >> Mix 2 tablespoons sesame oil with squeezed mandarin, garlic, red chili and ginger.
  • >> Cut the chicken breast into several parts and soak it in the mixture you made in number 1, for 4 hours.
  • >> Prepare a serving plate, then add spinach leaves, spices, shallots, almonds and sesame seeds.
  • >> Bake the soaked chicken breast for 20 minutes or until it looks cooked.
  • >> Cut the chicken and add it to the serving plate that has been filled with a salad and add pieces of mandarin fruit on top.

Mandarin orange

Useful for increasing immunity because it is rich in Vitamin C. Orange is also a good source of dietary fiber.


This type of bean contains healthy monounsaturated fats and high polyunsaturated fats. Also rich in magnesium fiber and minerals that help calm muscles.

Spinach baby:

Rich in iron which is very important for the formation of red blood cells.

Dinner menu:

Beef steak (100 gr) with 1 mashed sweet potato, 50 gr broccoli, and boiled carrots.

Red meat

Choose lean red meat. Meat is the largest animal protein supplier that functions for the formation of body muscle cells.


This type of tubers is a good source of carbohydrates because it has a low glycemic index, lower than rice.


These vegetables are rich in flavonoids that enhance the body’s immune system and ward off free radicals, in addition to being proven effective against cancer cells.


Nobody denies that this vegetable is rich in Vitamin A which is not only useful for improving eye performance, but also serves to increase endurance.


Berries. Rich in antioxidants that function to suppress the effects of free radicals and inflammation.

Banana. This type of fruit is easy to obtain but rich in benefits because it is rich in potassium which helps the heart’s performance.

Orange. Rich in ascorbic acid, this fruit is very useful for providing the body’s need for Vitamin C which functions to boost the immune system and maintain mood.

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