THE Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

Hello chocolate lovers.
I was pondering the other day on why chocolate is so popular? thinking…thinking. Could it be the
rich roastiness of the cocoa or the sweet silk like texture, of the chocolate or could it be the addictive feeling of pleasure when you close your eyes and savor the complexity , and little nuances of each little.
square? I say all of the above. Have at the ready your

  • oil,
  • sugar,
  • eggs,
  • vanilla essence,
  •  plain flour,
  • unsweetened
  • cocoa powder,
  • baking powder,
  •  baking soda,
  • salt,
  • full cream milk,
  •  and your hot espresso shot or instant coffee.

We will be using a creaming method followed by a two-part addition method. I’ll explain more later.
Method 1

  1. In your mixing bowl add your oil, sugar, vanilla, and my eggs. I usually use large eggs or extra-large eggs
  2. Use your flat beater. Start it off on So you’ll want to keep this on until it’s pale, yellow, and fluffy.
  3. at this stage you can also turn it up. Guys this is what it should look like when you cream it. So your next five ingredients will need to go through a sifter so it’s thoroughly combined. 
  4. Add your plain flour cocoa powder. I actually use the Hershey’s cocoa powder. Unsweetened of course. And it’s not Dutch process it’s powder, baking soda,  and salt. Yes salt goes into cakes. I’m a huge fan and advocate of having salt in a cake to balance out the sweetness.

I generally sift the ingredients twice to make sure there’s an even distribution of the leavening agents and cocoa powder.
Medthod II
Now we’re going to start

  1. our two-part addition method, where we take our full cream milk and our dry ingredients and alternate adding it into the bowl until they’re both all gone. I start with a little bit of milk in here just to get the mixture kind of loose and ready to take on some dry stuff. 
  2. Usea cup measure or a large spoon to make it easier. Just take your spatula and scrape down your bowl. Make sure that you scrape often. I mean the bowl. The bowl. Scrape the bowl, and that should help a lot. This is one of the only batters that I mix flour incorporate it, but it works.
  3. Adding your milk with your dry ingredients alternating makes sure every bit of your dry ingredients mixes completely with all of the wet ingredients.
  4. You’ll probably go through three editions of each ingredient. Now for the last step, adding your espresso shot or instant coffee. Its coffee so wouldn’t you think that the chocolate cake would tastes like mocca when it comes out? It doesn’t.

What it does is it makes it a little bit more rich and a little bit more chocolatey I think the bean of the coffee and the bean of the cocoa just marry really well, and it gives it a nice robust taste. And you really can’t taste the coffee in it. Do small splashes gradually until it’s all gone too. and you’ll want to make sure that your espresso is really hot. Steaming hot! there you go look at that. Aah,  sort of between a crepe and a pancake like consistency.
Get your pans ready for batter. I use three of the 9-inch round metal tins that are lined on the bottom only. But I don’t grease the bottom and I don’t grease the sides. For us we don’t need to do that. When they come out of the oven, we take a paring knife and we work it around the side and it just pops straight out. So just divide it equally. If I was doing this for the cake shop, I would actually be weighing each one to make sure that they are exactly the same.

Good! Now that your cake has cooled
completely, now you can start filling the
layers with icing.

  1. We use a creamy chocolate ganache for the inside filling and a chocolate fudge to cover the outside. Both recipes are in the comments below. That’s what I call an Oreo cakestage. For helpful hints on how to get your cake layers nice and straight
  2. Once you’ve finished, go around the whole cake with your soft ganache and drag sections of the icing wall back across the center of your cake top, until the wall is no longer visible.
  3. Now we can pour our creamy chocolate fudge over our cake. At this stage if your ganache isn’t completely chilled and set it’s going to start coming off, and mixing in with your fudge and
  4. ruining that smooth finish you worked so hard for, so if it starts to do that, stop and put it back in the freezer or the fridge for ten more minutes.I love to make beautiful waves with my runny fudge. I do this by covering the length of my pellet knife with a thin layer of fudge then with my palette knife standing flush against the side of the cake I wipe it on and slide the knife away from the cake.
  5. I like to create swushi curly patterns like a true vintage style cake because I think it makes it look simply elegant and delicious. This is like Betty Crocker meets Duncan Hines.

Now for the piste de resistance and solving that mystery. I take my cake slice, heat it up slightly, then put ice cream over the top. It melts into the cake and then I can take a sneaky well earned break.