What is the best Fitness Diet Planner to be Able to Build Muscle and Burn Fat.

Before losing weight, you must know your body first. How much fat, muscle, and blood content is in your body, and what might be the cause of your excess weight. Treat your body like a holy place. We fill our motorbikes with gasoline, not hair oil, even though the price is expensive, so the engine can work well. Our body also has many machines that are very valuable, so we have to give them proper nutrition.

You must keep in mind, even though losing weight is important, maintaining weight is more important. By doing sports or following a diet plan, you can indeed lose weight. but we don’t know whether you actually lose fat or muscle or certain levels of nutrition.

You need the right diet plan to maintain your weight. There is a basic chart diet plan to lose weight. Your daily food must include 40% carbohydrates + 30% protein + 30% fat and 15 grams of fiber + 5-6 liters of water. And your breakfast must contain fiber, protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and you should not eat anything above half past eight at night.

It’s hard to count all of that, but if you are determined, you can try it for a month and make it a habit. Or you can also use the secret of losing my weight, consume substitute food with a suitable diet plan graph, because I am a working person. I work from 10am to 7pm.

I know how hard it is to lose weight because I’ve tried various things:

The gym
Lemon water with honey
Garlic + ginger
Oat Meal
No one has succeeded. What happened was that I felt more relaxed and ate more so that my weight actually rose. The substitute food that I recommend for you is Herbalife and I still use it myself until now.

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