What is the Keto Diet, What Can You Drink?

Cow’s milk

If you are just starting a keto diet, especially aimed at overcoming the problem of obesity, milk consumption should be avoided. Milk contains high carbohydrates, especially low fat milk. Besides milk contains lactose, which is also converted in the body into blood sugar. Alternatively, you can consume whip cream mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Of course it is still limited so that the fat burning process in ketosis metabolism runs more optimally.

Almond Milk and Soy Milk

This milk also contains carbohydrates. Moreover, this type of milk is generally added by sugar by the producers. Always consider the composition and nutritional content, especially carbohydrates and sugar so that daily net carb intake is maintained between 10-20 grams per day.

Soda water

The best water intake in running a ketogenic diet is water, mineral water, or coffee and fresh tea or yogurt, the ketogenic diet. Soda water generally does not contain carbohydrates, just consume wisely.

Coffee sachets and instant drinks

Coffee is one type of beverage that is suitable for ketogenic diets. However, currently a lot of coffee on the market is not real coffee. Most are just coffee flavored powder. Full of chemicals, and mixed with sugar and milk powder. If someone offers coffee, just ask what type of coffee, real coffee or sachet.

Fruit juice

Hmmmm…. maybe this is somewhat controversial because so far we consider fruit juice to be a healthy drink and can be consumed freely. Did you know that juice is extracted from fruit (especially sweet fruit), has been broken down from the fiber, of course it contains sugar (fructose) in very high levels. As a result, our body will increase blood sugar very quickly.

Well ideally in the keto diet, drink water. How much do we better drink water? Of course in general no less and no more. Also adjust to physical activity. Generally health recommendations recommend drinking 8 glasses of water (@ 200ml) per day. Always keep from getting dehydrated as well when undergoing a ketogenic diet due to lack of water. The characteristics of dehydration can be seen from the urine, or the eyes turn firefly.

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